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We are Terry and Claire, two Ontario teachers who love to travel, find new adventures, and pass on those experiences through Past The Potholes.

Most of our travel is during our vacation time so it has to be carefully planned to make the most of every minute.  Our travel experience is as varied as the sports we enjoy.  You’ll find us kitesurfing on a tropical beach, hiking in the mountains or on the computer planning our next adventure.  We’ve been tourists, backpackers, expats and even digital nomads!

As teachers, we’ve covered just about every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12!  Our favourite subjects are Math and Language as well as creating organization, planning and assessment systems to help make our classrooms run smoothly.

We love to take advantage of our profession to combine our two loves and have taught overseas as well as travelled full-time while creating high-quality resources for teachers online.  Discover our teaching resources here.


Man and woman looking up at camera with a colourful graffitied wall behind them in Cartagena, Colombia.


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What information are you looking for?  If you’re in search of some specific information, you’ve come to the right place!  You can find our posts organized by separate categories here.  Whether you are a teacher looking for fresh ideas, a traveller looking for vacation inspiration, or both, we’ve got something for you here.


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