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Buying Property in Nosara

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Claire and I were lucky to have had the chance to spend some time in the Playa Guiones area. There is a lot of potential here! The waves are great for surfing. The beaches are beautiful. While walking down the beach both of us found ourselves thinking “We could definitely get used to this place”.

This is the second instalment that reviews some potential real estate investments. The first instalment shared some great properties in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. If you are interested, check out Buying Property in Tamarindo?

Is Nosara affordable for investors on a budget?

Nosara is one of the few places Claire and I have been (and really enjoyed) that we feel like we’d either be on the curve or ahead of the curve in terms of real estate investment. Certainly, the original investors have been rewarded handsomely, but those of us just getting into the market might still be able to take advantage.

This place is quite nice and is available for a good price. I could be quite happy here!

budget nosara
Life in Nosara might be more realistic than you would think

If I was buying an investment property in Playa GuionesI would buy something that could cater to a family coming for a vacation or a group of friends wanting a nice getaway, who have outgrown hostels.  It would have to be close to the beach and restaurants and, of course, have a nice SWIMMING POOL. This place has been sold already, but I think it is very similar to what I’d look for in Nosara. 

Rental in Nosara

Snowbird Scenario

If I was buying a property in Playa Guiones for my personal use, I would want a view of the beautiful beach! It would be very easy to buy a motorbike, quad, or golf cart to cruise around town.

This type of lot would probably stretch the budget, but the view is extraordinary! When we rented in Nosara, our host told us that a ‘substantial home’ can be built for $100,000 and the architects/contractors are very reliable because their reputations spread quickly in a small community. It’s not a big surprise that this lot sold before I finished writing this post. What a view!

Nosara lot
Can you imagine waking up to this everyday?

I loved the beach at Playa Pelada. It is absolutely beautiful! If I was a better surfer, I could spend a lot of time there just outside of the popular Guiones area. In the meantime, I’d enjoy the walk along the beach to the smaller waves. Close to the beautiful beach and just outside of town, this place could be a contender.

snowbird nosara
Playa Pelada is just north of Playa Guiones – follow the beach!
Million Dollar Views

If my budget exploded, I would want a view of the beautiful beach. We wouldn’t need to be close to town because we would spend most of our time on the incredible deck.  This place is called Magnifico for a reason! Check it out.

the air up there
Visitors wouldn’t want to leave!

We’d like to thank and for giving us permission to use their pictures and links for this post. If you click any of the links in this post, you will be redirected to the corresponding website. Perhaps you can find something that is perfect for you!

Please keep in mind that I am not a real estate expert! I’m just researching to see what is available in the places we visit. If you have questions, the realtors who created the links above will be glad to help.

What do you think about my choices? 

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    1. The listing I saw had a price in the high $300s. I’m going to talk with one of the real estate agents next week to get advice for Canadians interested in buying in Costa Rica. I’ll ask if he knows the sale price.

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