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Buying Property in Tamarindo?

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I really like teaching!  It’s great working with kids and I feel very rewarded and valued in my job. However, if I was able to retire and exchange lesson plans, report cards, and staff meetings for golf courses, surf sessions, and squash matches, I’d do it tomorrow! Our current retirement vision is similar to that of a Canadian snowbird – we would have a home base in Canada and another home we can go to when we want to escape the Canadian winters.

Unless life changes drastically, Claire and I still have a few years before this option becomes a real possibility. Nonetheless, I’m happy to start thinking about our options in the meantime.

I did some research on the internet to get an idea if Tamarindo and the surrounding area is a contender. I’ve also created a couple of scenarios that might be fitting for you.

Is it affordable?

Well, if we were desperate to drop everything and pursue our surfing careers, we’d probably find a place to rent that would suit our basic needs. For the sake of the post, we wanted to find something to buy.

We’d need something inexpensive until we found sponsorship to supplement our training (TEAMLTD maybe?)  We would look for something small, easy to maintain, and INEXPENSIVE as we have a lot of training to do before sponsors come knocking. Keeping the budget in mind, we’ve also included a picture of our probable form of transportation. Click here to see what we found. 

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budget condo
Tamarindo on a Budget – Listing


surf bike


What about an investment property?

If we were buying a property in Tamarindo as an investment, we would want something that we would be happy to visit during holidays. We’d also like to be confident that friends and family would enjoy themselves if they wanted to use it.

In our opinion, targeting young surfers is not the way to go. Hostels which double as surf camps have packages that include everything a young traveler could ask for and more. The people we met who stayed at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and Blue Trailz were very happy with their surfing packages.

We would want to buy something that caters to a family coming for a vacation.  It would have to be close to the beach and restaurants, and a SWIMMING POOL. Obviously, we would like to get a good return on my investment. We’ve set a limit of $400,000 USD despite the fact that might be a stretch for some investors. If the rental market didn’t work out, we would have to move in to a beautiful place on the beach. That wouldn’t be too bad at all! This place is right on the beach and just a stone’s throw away from all of the action. Click here to check it out. Bring your bathing suit and sunscreen.

tamarindo investment
Beautiful Beach Rental
Snowbird Scenario – Tamarindo

If we were buying a property in Tamarindo for personal use, we would definitely want to be able to walk to the beach. As residents, we wouldn’t need to have a beachfront property and we don’t need to be too close to any restaurants or bars. Having stayed in the area, we would prefer to live outside of Tamarindo and just go into the town when needed. To give ourselves some good options, while keeping the budget in mind, we’ve capped the spending at $400,000 USD. Click here to see our Snowbird Choice. We saw a lot of modified golf carts and quads in Tamarindo. Given Terry’s history with quads, we’d likely get a sweet golf cart to cruise around town.

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Snowbird Tamarindo
Snow-birding in Tamarindo – Listing


surfboard golf cart
Caddyshack in Costa Rica


More Money than Waves!

If we won the lottery and wanted to have a place in Tamarindo that could host all of our guests, we would buy a place right on the beach. We would want to be able to get to restaurants and bars, but we would probably spend most of our evenings entertaining ourselves at our luxury beach house. Once again, we’d most likely look outside of town. We’d probably have a golf cart to bomb around in, but if money wasn’t a concern, we’d definitely want a Jeep to complement our beach lifestyle. Check out this sweet pad!

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bigmoney tamarindo
Top floor living in Tamarindo!


beach jeep2
We’d have so much fun in this we might not get in the water.


Do you know anyone who owns property in Costa Rica?  Where are you looking to buy?


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