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Looking for information on a specific country?  Trying to find ideas for an upcoming trip or just looking for inspiration?  This is the place for you!

Destinations posts may include:

  • itineraries,
  • places to go,
  • things to do,
  • what to eat and
  • where to stay.  

You will find tips and useful information to help you plan your trip and have a successful stay.  We will also share our personal experiences in some of these locations for an insider’s perspective.

Organized by continent and then country, it is easy to find what you are looking for.

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North America

Modern, busy, vibrant and full of nature.  Made up of just three countries, Canada, USA and Mexico, there is so much diversity in both cultures and nature that a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to see everything.  From the glaciers of the north to the Mexican jungle in the south.  From the rugged Pacific Coastline and the Rockies in the west to the historical cities in the east.  No matter what type of you travel you prefer, there is a perfect trip waiting for you in North America.

Tulum ruins with turquoise Caribbean Sea behind. Click the image to get to all Mexico destination blog posts.

Central America

Covering a small area of land, Central America is a narrow strip of land with the Pacific on one side and the Caribbean on the other.  With jungles, volcanoes, abundant wildlife and forests between, this is the adventure lover’s playground!

Panama destination
Costa Rica Destination

South America

South America boasts a vibrant, welcoming culture with strong connections to its ancient heritage.  Stunning scenery, impressive mountain ranges and plenty of ancient ruins make this a place for culture-seekers and adventure lovers alike.  The cheap cost of living makes it especially appealing for those on a budget. This is one of our absolute favourite regions of the world!

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Colombia destination
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White sand, turquoise waters, green palms swaying in the breeze.  While the typical image of the Caribbean is easy to find, there is so much more to these islands.  From eco-adventures, hiking and wildlife spotting to the warm people, interesting history and delicious foods there is always something to do when you’ve had enough of the beaches!

Trinidad destination
Tobago destination
Martinique Destination copy 2
Dominica destination


Culture, history, the Mediterranean… what isn’t to love about Europe?  If you’re anything like us you like a bit of all of these and we will show you the best places to find them.  With so many countries in such a small area, it is easy to have breakfast in one country and be somewhere completely different for dinner.  Whether you like it hot or cool, modern or traditional there is something for you in Europe.

mountain, ponds and traditional house in Iceland
Portugal Destination
white sand, mountains, kitesurfing in Tarifa, Spain
Kylemore Abbey on lake with mountains in Connemara, Ireland


Africa is as diverse as it is large.  From the Sahara Desert and wide open savannas to dense jungle and tropical beaches, there is a little of everything on the second largest continent.  Regardless of the destination, a trip to Africa is guaranteed to be exciting and definitely adventurous!

line of people riding camels in Sahara Desert, Morocco