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Fast-tracking through Southern Spain


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Disclaimer: I’m going to cheat on the dates a little here and not write about the entire week.  Rather, this will be about our ‘week’ in Spain (which amounted to 3 or 4 days)!

Long, curved building around a central plaza with water features in Seville, Spain.



No Time Wasted in Seville!

We started our Spanish leg with a bus from Lagos to Seville.  Wow, have we been spoiled with our bus travels throughout Latin America!  This was the least comfortable long-distance bus we’ve been on in a long time!

Still, it went off without a hitch and 4.5 hours later we were waterproofing everything, hefting up our backpacks and walking off in search of our AirBnB.

With just the remainder of that day and one full day in Sevilla we hit the ground running!

I had signed us up for a free Flamenco walking tour that night.  After about an hour and a half of walking through the streets and learning some of the history of this famous dance, the tour ended at a free flamenco show.  Unfortunately, thanks to the afternoon rain storm, the patio was closed and the inside was so packed we could barely make it past the door.

Bridge over the river lit up at dusk in Seville, Spain.

The next morning, we joined another free walking tour.  This was a three hour tour of all the main monuments in the city, and boy are there a few!  Have you ever taken a free walking tour?  They’re a great way to see the city for cheap (no set charge but tipping is the norm), and learn a little about the history and sites.

Plaza surrounded by grand buildings in Seville, Spain.
Cathedral, Giralda, Alcazar and Archive de los Indios all in one spot. Following the purple umbrella on our walking tour.


After the tour we did some independent wandering, found a cheap menu del día lunch and went to the setas de Sevilla.

People under the structure setas de Sevilla, Spain.


After our previous night’s unsuccessful ‘5 surprise tapas for €9.90’ dinner, we decided to order them separately and find some we liked.  Definitely more appetizing but not quite as good value!

Man with a selection of tapas on the table at night in Seville, Spain.



Tarifa: the adventurer’s dream!

After a whirlwind trip to Seville, we hopped on another bus (that makes the 3km hike to the bus station sound like a breeze…) headed for Tarifa.

Walkway to an island with Mediterranean Sea on right and choppy Atlantic Ocean on left in Tarifa, Spain.
The calm Mediterranean on the right and the blustery Atlantic on the left, looking back towards Tarifa.


This area is pretty great!  It’s the southernmost part of continental Europe, on the Strait of Gibraltar and has near constant winds.  This makes it THE spot for kiteboarding in Europe.  Despite being the off season we couldn’t believe how many kites were in the air!

Playa los Lances filled with kites from kiteboarder in the water in Tarifa, Spain.


There are also mountains nearby for hiking and biking and a couple of trails along the shoreline for some great views.

Again, we had just one and a half days here and mostly spent it on the hiking trails, walking along the beach (too windy to lay down and sunbathe) and trying to get ourselves organized.

Man hiking along the coast in Tarifa, Spain.



What’s next?

We will be returning to Tarifa after our quick African adventure (read about this next week) so we left some of our stuff in our hostel to lighten our load for a week of constant moving.



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