Are you planning to backpack Colombia?  Creating an itinerary for 3 weeks in Colombia is no easy task.  There are just so many amazing places equally worth the time to explore.

This Colombia itinerary will take you to the major cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena.  You will visit Salento in the coffee region, complete the Lost City trek and even find some time for relaxing at the beach.  Colourful Guatape, stunning Cocora Valley and Isla Grande make for perfect day trips as well.

While it is impossible to see all of Colombia in 3 weeks, following this detailed itinerary will give you a glimpse of the best of Colombia and the best it has to offer.


Why should you visit Colombia?

Just a few short years ago, Colombia was mostly known for its drug cartels and violence.  Medellin was even named ‘the murder capital of the world’!  Today, however, the country has shed this reputation and emerged as a backpacker’s favourite.  It is now more widely known for it’s stunning, diverse nature and rich culture.

While safety should always be a concern, it is no more a worry in Colombia than any other Latin America country.  Keep a close eye on your valuables and don’t stray into certain areas and you will be fine.  We certainly never felt unsafe during our time traveling around Colombia.


3 Weeks in Colombia Itinerary

This 3 week itinerary for Colombia is jam-packed with activity, nature and culture.  It is easily customizable for your preferences.  Find out the best way to spend three weeks in Colombia.

Day 1-2: Bogota

While in Bogota be sure to climb up Montserrate for amazing views.  Wander the candelaria district and take a Bogota Graffiti Tour.

Day 3-5: Salento

Salento is the heart of Colombia’s coffee growing region.  Learn to play tejo, hike in the Valle de Cocora, go horseback riding, and check out the view from the mirador.

Day 6-9: Medellin

The old stomping grounds of Pablo Escobar, Medellin has become an incredibly popular expat destination.  An absolute must is the Medellin free walking tour.   A day trip to Guatape is a fantastic addition to anyone’s Colombia itinerary.  Take the cable car up to Parque Arvi, wander Comuna 13 or San Javier.

Day 10-14: Lost City Trek / Parque Tayrona / Palomino

Take the four day trek to the Lost City, or ciudad perdida.  If jungle hiking isn’t your thing, try a few days of relaxation in Parque Tayrona or further afield to the beach town of Palomino.  If you’d rather escape the heat of the Caribbean coast, head into the mountains to Minca.  If you really want to get away, Cabo de Vela is the northernmost point of South America and a perfect spot to escape the world and enjoy wind sports such as kiteboarding.

Day 15-17: Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a small city on the coast with a colonial centre.  It has a nice plaza surrounded by delicious restaurants and fun bars.  It’s a great spot to spend a couple of days to recover and relax before boarding a bus to Cartagena.

Day 18-21: Cartagena

No itinerary for Colombia would be complete without seeing Cartagena.  This hot and humid city has a well-preserved colonial city within the ancient walls.  While incredibly touristy, it is still well-worth a visit.  There are day trips from here to Rosario Islands, Isla Grande, mud volcanos and Isla Baru.


This was a fantastic 3 week Colombia itinerary for us.  Plenty of hiking and nature with a bit more relaxing at the end.  Who wants to come home exhausted from vacation after all?

Are you planning to spend three weeks in Colombia?  Can you see all of Colombia with a three week itinerary?  Nope!  But trust us, it will still be worth every second!

If you only have 2 weeks in Colombia, we would recommend taking out one or two locations from this itinerary depending on your preferences.

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