Bright and early on a Monday morning, sitting on a coach on our way to Yorkshire.  This is the life…

In an attempt to save money, I booked us on National Express coaches instead of the train.  I’d do it again (we’re talking £20 instead of £100) but it was LONG 11 hours!!


Family visit near Halifax

We spent the first half of the week with family near Halifax.  My aunt and uncle have lived up here for years but it was only my second time visiting and a first for Terry.  The only thing I remember from my visit many years ago was the amazing view right across the road.  This time around the view was right out our bedroom.
view of Yorkshire dales from a bedroom window

Yorkshire Moors

Our first morning we took Maud, their gorgeous dog, for a walk on a Norland Moor.  August is the perfect time for the purple heather and we were treated to amazing views on a clear, sunny morning.

purple heather on Norland Moor, Yorkshire, England

The purple heather is just coming out on Norland Moor.

Piece Hall, Halifax

That afternoon we went into Halifax to the Piece Hall.  This huge building used to be the main marketplace for textiles, the backbone of the area’s past economy.  Not only is it a beautiful structure it now houses stores, bars and restaurants along with a little museum about its history.
A large stone courtyard surrounded by a huge stone building a church tower, Halifax, UK

Nostell Priory

The four of us took a day trip to Nostell Priory, just south of Leeds.  This huge house is pretty interesting.  There is a huge amount of Chippendale furniture on display.  Many of the rooms are set up as a kind of living museum.  The stable house is now a cafe and store.
Large green area in front of a huge old manor house, Nostell Priory, England

The priory also has extensive gardens with lakes.  There are quiet areas, biking trails and tonnes of green space to relax.  It’s a great spot for a day out.


The Yorkshire Dales National Park

By Thursday we were back on the train and heading to Dent, the highest train station in England.  This super cute town is in the national park and is surrounded by green hills and valleys.  It’s our home for the next nine days along with Tootsie the dog, Humphrey the cat and Pudding the tiny kitten.

A small dog and kitten together on a couch beside a laptop.

Two of our new friends, Tootsie and Pudding. Not sure how much work I’ll be able to get done….

We’ve gone for a couple of short hikes around the local area and into the nearby town of Sedbergh.  The scenery is amazing and the towns are straight out of a postcard.

views across Dentdale, Yorkshire Dales, while walking a small dog.

Not bad views while taking Tootsie for a walk…

While Humphrey, or Taddycat, does his best to avoid us the other two have quite the personalities and keep us amused.  The alpacas down the road certainly didn’t know what to think of Tootsie as we walked her past their field!

Five alpacas in a field staring at the camera.

…although these guys weren’t too sure what to make of such a small animal. They followed us the length of their field!!

Hopefully we’ll manage to squeeze in a few hikes before our time is done.
public footpath sign with stone wall and green hills in the background.

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