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We ended our time in Newquay with a few cloudy, chilly days.  It gave us the perfect opportunity to get a bit of work done and some travel booked.  We’ve got some exciting stuff coming up – stay tuned!

Man eating a Cornish pasty, Newquay, Cornwall UK

Terry’s first taste of a Cornish pasty.


Mid-week it was time to move on with a short visit to a house sit we’ve booked for September.  It looks like we’ll be spending a couple of weeks in a lovely house by the beach with some cute cats!



By late night we finally arrived in Southampton train station to spend a few days with one of my best friends from high school!

They live just outside of Southampton in the New Forest so it’s the perfect place to go for a walk and find a few of the famous New Forest ponies and donkeys.  We parked in Beaulieu and walked to Buckler’s Hard where there is a lovely pub overlooking the river.

Man petting a wild donkey in the New Forest, UK

Some friendly donkeys on the high street!


We also visited Lepe Beach for some evening soccer and rock-skipping.

Man and boy paddling in Lepe Beach at sunset, England.


Hythe is a lovely village with a historic pier.  Our timing was perfect for the ‘Rock the Pier’ festival.  With live music, homemade cakes and some prizes to be won, it made for a fun afternoon.

Man trying to splat a rat through a drainpipe at a fairground game in England.

Terry discovered a classic British fair game on Hythe Pier.


Vanessa’s boyfriend, Mark, is manager at a local restaurant/bar in Southampton called The Dancing Man Brewery.  It’s in a large historic building and has its own microbrewery.  He gave us a tour and then we got to taste a number of their beers.  It’s definitely a funs spot to spend an evening.

Dancing Man Brewery, Southampton pub, UK



All in all, we had a great relaxing visit with even better friends.  Now we’re packing up to spend a long day on a coach to Yorkshire!



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