Puerto Ayora Fish Market Galapagos

Puerto Ayora Fish Market, Santa Cruz

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You cannot visit Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos without a visit to the fish market in Puerto Ayora.

This was our first stop after checking into our hostel and within an hour of arriving in the Galapagos we had already checked off some major creatures people come to the islands to see.


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Where is the Puerto Ayora Fish Market?

The fish market is right in the centre of town along the waterfront.  If closed, it is small and easily missed but during the day it is a hive of activity.

Sea lion and pelicans watching people at fish market, Santa Cruz.


Start at the main docks (by the volleyball courts) and follow the waterfront road east.  Just a few minutes later you will come across a small counter with a roof but no walls.  Beside it is a small open plaza.

Tip: from here continue east along this road for the Charles Darwin Research Station.


What is there to see at the fish market?

When open, men and women are bustling around cutting up huge fish, weighing piles of lobster and whatever other tasks are entailed in running a fish market.

Stack of orange lobsters on top of blue scales at Puerto Ayora Fish Market, Galapagos.


There is almost guaranteed to be a sea lion either lazing on the nearby bench, waiting for scraps or taking matters into its own hands and stealing them!

Two men and sea lion waiting on a blue bench in Santa Cruz, Galapagos


Pelicans also gather here in the hopes of a snack.  We even saw a big crane one time.

Women working at cleaning and cutting fish at Puerto Ayora Fish Market while a sea lion and many pelicans watch. Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Ecuador


Huge frigate birds wait on the lamp posts, fly around and occasionally swoop in stealing fish right from the market table!

Huge frigate birds swooping into the Puerto Ayora Fish Market trying to steal fish.


There is also a decent chance of spotting a marine iguana or two here, although the Charles Darwin Research Centre or Tortuga Bay are much better places for sightings.

Tip: there are a few restaurants around town that will cook your fish or lobster for you that you can buy fresh at the market.  It could also make a great home cooked meal if your accommodation comes with a kitchen.  We saw people feasting on lobster in our hostel kitchen.

Man with a fish at his feet at Puerto Ayora Fish Market, Galapagos



How long does it take to visit Puerto Ayora Fish Market, Santa Cruz?

Depending on where you are staying, walking to the fish market takes just a matter of minutes.  Once there, you could stay for just a minute or two or be happy snapping pictures for much longer.

Sea lion runs back to the water with big chunk of stolen fish in mouth.
This guy got tired of waiting and stole his lunch!



When is the best time to visit Puerto Ayora Fish Market?

Our first visit was in mid to late afternoon and, while we still saw a sea lion, pelicans and a marine iguana there wasn’t too much happening.

Pelicans and frigate birds waiting for scraps at fish market with water and boats behind in Galapagos.


When we visited late morning it was a hive of activity.  The sellers were in action and the wildlife knew it.

A man throwing scraps to a sea lion and loads of pelicans at Puerto Ayora Fish Market, Galapagos.


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